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    History of Lentor Central at Ang Mo Kio

    Ang Mo Kio or AMK is a neighbourhood located in the northeastern region of Singapore. It borders the Central Water Catchment on its west, Serangoon on its east, Yishun on its north,  Bishan and Sengkang on the northeast and south. The 27-hectare town consists of 7 neighbourhoods.

    The neighbourhood dates back to the 1970s when modern developments were launched, but before then, AMK was a heavily forested and farmland area. Its name comes from Hokkien and means red-haired man’s bridge in respect to the bridge at Kallang River. Another theory claims that the name refers to the 9 bridges that linked the area in the 1800s.

    Before the start of the 20th century, AMK was vastly inhabited. The rubber boom in the early 1900s motivated its habitation by immigrant Chinese farmers who lived in attap houses and cultivated rubber. Where the new town stands today was originally a large rubber plantation.

    Following the 1922-1932 crash in rubber prices, many farmers in the area shifted to market gardening, poultry and pig farming. The Japanese invasion of Singapore during the second world war pushed more people to AMK to practice farming.

    Ang Mo Kio new town was built in 1973, becoming the 7th in the country. The town is credited for the town council concept that was conceived here in 1986. Its housing units were spacious with lots of green spaces, which led to the town winning the Outstanding Buildings Award in 1983.

    Today, AMK is home to more than 160,000 residents and is ranked as the 8th most populated area in the country. The neighbourhood is packed with family-friendly amenities and enjoys a remarkable transport system that makes commutes stress-free.

    With many housing options ranging from revamped HDB flats, apartments, and condos, Ang Mo Kio offers wide options, with affordable housing available. Residents can shop and dine nearby at Ang Mo Kio Hub. Other important neighbourhood amenities dot the area allowing residents to meet their day to day needs easily.

    As the government undertakes a neighbourhood upgrade programme and the addition of new essential amenities, Ang Mo Kio will offer an irresistible charm to a range of residents. Access to schools, parks, shopping centres, and other family-friendly amenities will improve soon. Besides, Ang Mo Kio is set to become Singapore’s first-ever walking and cycling town, which adds to more reasons the area will keep attracting homeowners and property investors.